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Engine swaps, replacements, power adder installation, maintenance and upgrades.

Engine Builds
Disassembly, blueprinting, sleeving, machining, upgrade paths and power goal solutions.

Custom fabrication
Aluminum, stainless and titanium welding and fabrication services available. 

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Our 6400sqft Facility features 5 lifts, MIG, TIG, Fabrication equipment,  corner balancing equipment, race alignment capability, a Dynapack AWD Load bearing dynamometer. Not to mention all the tools the trade requires!  

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Tuning Services

Nearly 20 years of tuning experience with a huge array of systems, Factory trained with AEM, Motec and Emtron. We can setup and tune most stand alone ECUs and many OEM computers. Our hydraulic load-bearing all-wheel-drive capable Dynapack dynamometer allows us to precisely load and tune your vehicle with accurate and consistent results and data.

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We are proud to offer some key brands we work closely with to aid in your projects. Only select quality brands are available for online purchase, we have most popular brands available for local order and pick up from our warehousing partners.

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