PE Fabricated Pedal Kits

PE Fabricated Pedal Kits

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Floor Mount Bias Pedal Box (Manual version shown)

A new design, the Ultimate Pedal Box by PE Racing,

Lightweight and Engineered to withstand superior loads,

Hand built Fabricated or Billet versions using Aircraft materials,

High quality, proudly Designed & Fabricated in Australia.

Strong, looks can be deceiving, built and tested to withstand what drivers/motorsport demands. 

  • Reduced mounting loads via dual pivoted feet (further reduces the overall installed weight).

  • Engineered to conveniently fit to a range of floor / bulkhead angles.

  • Adjustable pedal faces allow tuning to suit a drivers style, improving driver efficiency.

  • Engineered for brake modulation, braking & corner entry become a drivers advantage.

  • Compact clever design reduces vehicle modification & installed weight (see Video by Dylan Sharpe Racing).

  • Innovative throttle design, precise control in corners become another drivers advantage.

  • Unique throttle linkage & pedal design allow easy tuning to suit a drivers style & engine power.

  • Optional Drive by Wire DBW Throttle system (refer specs)

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