xShift Mitsubishi 6-Speed Sequential Gearboxes

xShift Mitsubishi 6-Speed Sequential Gearboxes


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Fastest and softest shifting sequential gearboxes on the market. The Full sequential gearbox for Mitsubishi EVO 7 - 9 and X is integrated with an ultra lightweight aluminium casting case section that holds the sequential mechanism with softest shifting and strongest shafts, forks and gears on the market. Complete with upgraded high performance straight cut gears, shafts, billet selector forks and billet selector rods. It is designed with optimized ratios for increased acceleration and performance! Using the OEM Mitsubishi bell housing, the sequential case kit is designed for the racer looking to have the fastest sequential gearbox while keeping budget in mind. Kit is supplied in assembled in the rear easy installation. No modifications required!

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