Emtron Subaru Sti MY06-07 Plugin ECU

Emtron Subaru Sti MY06-07 Plugin ECU


ECU Overview

Utilising an Emtron KV8 as a base, these plug in kits are developed for specific car application. Pre-made wiring adapters and Emtron’s complete CANBUS integration allow you to start with car tuning straight from the box.

  • 6061 Aluminium CNC Billet Enclosure

  • Dual 100MHz Processors

  • 32MB ECU Logging (Over 600 Channels)

  • Ethernet High Speed Communications

  • Up to 4 Ignition Outputs (Re assign factory pins)

  • DBW Control (Re assign factory pins)

  • 3 Axis Accelerometer

  • 1 x CAN Bus (Expansion Connector)

  • 1 x Individual Cylinder Knock Control Input (Bosch)

  • Upgradable to run the Emtron Fuel model through installation of a Flex Meter, Fuel Temperature and Fuel Pressure Sensor

  • Compatible with all Emtron Motorsport features

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