MoTeC M1 Series Universal ECUs

MoTeC M1 Series Universal ECUs

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MoTeC M1 - The solution for modern vehicle requirements.

Advances in technology have increased the demands on a vehicle’s components, especially

the engine management system.

This demand has reached the point where a single firmware configuration cannot meet the

market’s engine control requirements, even with increased capacity and processor speed.

The M1 series overcomes this firmware limitation, by providing a system where operational

efficiency, advanced features and flexibility are its primary objectives.

At its core, the M1 series provides a suite of flexible and tailored Firmware Packages, making

it the ideal solution for any application, however simple or complex.

The Drive By Wire and Cam Control functions are now standard. Knock Control, Boost

Control, Launch Control, Traction Control and Ignition Cut have been improved.

There are more ignition outputs and more logging memory available across the M1 Series.

Diagnostics logging is always included at no additional charge.

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