Adaptronic MAZDA RX8 S1 PNP

Adaptronic MAZDA RX8 S1 PNP


This product is one of Adaptonic’s plug-in ECU and is a direct standalone plug and play ECU for the Series 1 Mazda RX8.

Our main objective in creating the Adaptronic Modular ECU line is to work towards Adaptronic’s mission which is to give people control. In doing this, we came up with a system which would give people greater flexibility and at the same time, overcome the limitations of our main product line, the Select ECUs.

Please take note that the first version of the ECU will NOT support the following:

  • Front O2 sensor control

  • Cruise control

  • Traction control (DSC)

Cruise and traction control will later be supported through a firmware update on the first version units. But the front O2 sensor will only be supported on the later versions of the ECU (requires additional circuitry).

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