The UMS Team



Steven Reedholm.

Shop Foreman, Fabrication and engine assembly.

Loves: His wife and son,  7M-GTEs, MarkIII Supras, huge turbos and long walks on the beach.

Fears: Clippers and razors near his face (ok everywhere else) 



Gordo Jimenez

Motorsports Technician Installs and wiring

Loves: His Kids and family, cheap cars and spicy food.

Hates: Cheap cars, long lunches and slow people



Tony Szirka

President, Tuning, Engine management, data acquisition, wiring, general guidance.

Loves: Family, beer, racing, and more racing

Hates: Slow people, boring food and not racing


Shannon Szirka

Vice President/Secretary

Accounting, whip cracking.

Loves: relaxing by the pool with a good book, peace and quiet, naps and occasionally throwing a car around a racetrack

Hates: Dishes, laundry, spicy food and spontaneity


Jon Via

Internet Technology

IT support, managing everything, racing and drinking buddy

Loves: Chicken fingers, Crown Royal, organizing things, saving money.

Hates: Food that grew but never walked, annoying people and organizing things.


Wade “Weezy” Conway


Data entry, master of the web…Troll extrodinaire

Loves: Scions, Chris Rado and other ugly things.

Hates: Cats and data entry.


Ulrik Szirka

"The Boy" 

Sales, scheduling and marketing. 

Loves: Miatas, annoying Tony, and racing. 

Hates: Waking up in the morning and cutting his hair.