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About UMS :: Tony Szirka

UMS Tuning was founded in 2004 by Tony Szirka, bringing with him 17 years of mechanical experience ranging from Army vehicles, Dealerships, to Porsche performance shops. Tony has put his hands on ...with and without gloves... just about anything with internal combustion.

In the Army, Tony learned about making engines last, at dealerships he mastered customer service, putting one of them among the top 10 in the country. Working on DSM vehicles in his spare time, owning a total of four 1st and 2nd generation vehicles himself, he quickly discovered the secrets and downfalls of the 4G63 engine. Today, UMSTuning is known throughout the DSM community for his work on 4G63 fabrication; along with his work on the EVO8, 9 and 10 series vehicles, they have become one of Arizona's leading providers of service and support.

Bringing along his Porsche experiences, Tony has set a standard in the Porsche community by being the only person to successfully convert the 911 to utilize the versatile and affordable AEM EMS system. This '91 C2 also featured a turbo upgrade (a joint effort between UMSTuning and Turbo Kraft), it has 450 wheel horsepower available for daily driving.